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page thirty-seven

27th May 2012, 1:43 PM
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page thirty-seven
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LilyRose 27th May 2012, 5:56 PM edit delete
It's Memorial Day weekend. This is a holiday about... what? War? Soldiers? Fighting war? Dead soldiers? Living soldiers? I'm not so clear on it.

I've just got this weird disconnect whenever something like this occurs. It's like, everybody knows that war sucks, right? Everybody except for the real psychopaths who actually enjoy the activities of being in a war zone. Everyone can pretty much agree that war sucks. And people just keep going anyway. To me, that's just kind of weird.

It's like this business of “honoring the troops”. What the fuck does that mean? Honoring them for what? Let's see... in my whole lifetime, I've seen American kids – and from where I'm sitting right now,they are most definitely kids in lots of ways – I've seen them go off and fight wars that had no purpose, wars that had a purpose which had nothing to do with them whatsoever, and wars that were designed, begun,and carried out solely to make wealthy people wealthier and powerful people more powerful.

That's it. I've seen Americans get killed, crippled, mentally shattered, turned into dope fiends, and an exponential number of people affected by all of that – all from fighting in wars that were, from their perspective, useless, pointless, and just plain stupid. So...what is it I'm honoring here? Their willingness to be cannon fodder for rich pigs?

Then people say something like, well, honor them for what they had to endure, being in a war as they were. You know, as if war was some kind of natural disaster that nobody had any choice but to endure. That's certainly true for the people who live wherever the war is taking place. But not for the people who have to spend weeks learning how to kill and then get in an airplane to fly there. It's a well-constructed man-made disaster.

Well-constructed, but designed so that all of the individual elements that make it up are both disposable and replaceable. I mean, everybody knows that. Every time there's a new war, there ends up being this slew of reportage that purports to rip back the covers and expose war for the ugly, horrendous thing it is, to show what happens to war-traumatized vets, psychologically, socially.... what the fuck? Is mass amnesia that prevalent? They talk about these things as though they've just been discovered – NEWS FLASH!! Fighting in a war fucks you up in body and mind and spirit!

It's like... weren't they just saying that in the last war? And haven't all these people going off to fight in this one, haven't they heard the freaking news? War will fuck you up? And the reasons that wars are fought have nothing to do with you?

And then.... what? I'm supposed to say, “Hey, bro, I honor you for going over there anyway even though it was for no good goddamned reason and you got your stinkin' legs blown off. Hey, sis; I honor you for joining up and going over there even though you still had to put up with the sexist bullshit and statistically it turns out you were probably raped by one of your brother troops. I honor you, for doing something so fucking stupid that it will probably fuck you up in some way for the rest of your life.

Like I say; there's just a disconnect there for me. An Alice-in-Wonderland, down-the-rabbit-hole sort of disconnect, like; no; there's something about this that really just makes no sense.

I mean, I can think of ways to “honor” the troops, sure. How's about:

~~ I honor you by forgiving you for making such a stupid mistake and going over there to begin with.

~~ I honor you by thanking you for keeping whatever inhuman beast you had to become on the field of battle locked in a cage where hopefully it will only eat you, and nobody else.

~~ I honor you by acknowledging that you fought and got maimed and died for nothing, except to make rich people richer and to kill everyone else. Rather than dishonor you by disingenuously pretending that there was a point to all of this.

~~ I honor you by welcoming you back into the arms of society, in the hopes that you will be the last who will subscribe to the lies, and you will make sure that nobody else makes the same, stupid, life-fucking mistake that you did.

Happy Memorial Day.
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wonderheart 22nd Feb 2013, 10:04 AM edit delete reply
Arrived here for my first time this evening (now early morning) and all of the sudden I "come to"...and find myself on page 40 after seemingly leaving the prologue just 15 minutes ago. Sh*t, not sure I am more capable of honoring a work than totally getting lost in it. One person makes time stand still, another loses time. I don't doubt the probable parallels.

So, "Rating "Truth" is about wishing one could rate *****'s on some of your editorial the one which just sang to me with regards to Memorial Day.......

4 AM....perfect time for me to jump out of these pages, breathe and reenter my body...for now. Living in the pages properly requires a mix of focused energy and an alert sensitivity to the abstract.